Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Langue de chat

Langue de chat (pronounced as lagh de shah) is one of my favorite cookie. Back in Jakarta, I grew up eating this cookie, especially during chinese new year. It is called lidah kucing or katetong which means cat tongue.

Few years back I tried the japanese version produced by Ishiya in Hokkaido. It is more popularly called shiroi koibito. Smooth hokkaido white chocolate sandwich in between two pieces of langue de chat cookies. It was love at first bite. Two years ago I even visited their factory in Sapporo. It's pretty amazing that such simple cookies could be so popular. All food and souvenir shops in Sapporo sell this cookie. Once upon a time, the cookies could be bought only in Hokkaido, then they start selling in Narita and Haneda airports in Tokyo. Occasionally they are sold in Takashimaya or Isetan Singapore when there is a Hokkaido fair, but the price is so expensive. It is such a precious cookie.

I was pretty lucky though, I worked in Japanese bank. Whenever a Japanese colleage went back to Japan, he or she will bring a few boxes back.

Now this is my creation of the langue de chat dipped in Valrhona dark chocolate.

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